Legal stuff.

If you haven’t had the chance to read our Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy, all we can say is that you’re missing out. Those things are great. We hired the best lawyer we know, Saul Finklestein, to put those documents together and we are pretty pleased with the results. While we don’t really understand what they say, Saul assures us that we’re now “indemnified” from practically any form of “punitive damage claims”. We don’t even know what we just said there but man it sounds awesome!  Anyhoo, we thought we’d take this opportunity to list out a whole bunch of other legal terms that we’ve heard from our lawyer, which make no sense to us but they do to Saul. And we have Saul’s cell phone number. And that’s good enough for us.

Adjective law, procedural law, administrative law, cause of action, demurrer, depose, diligence, malfeasance, mens rea, prima facie, provisional remedy, stare decisis, title abstract, tort, wobbler.